Remove NH role

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The NotHacking role does not really serve as a main point since first of all, it is not properly known about what it means, and secondly, people may randomly report themselves so as to ensure that they can gain similar roles. This seems very counterintuitive and the main solution to this would be to remove it, since other than for show, it seems very redundant. On the other hand, this could also made to be server-sided, and not be displayed, so only the anti-cheat (if there is any), will be able to correctly identify players based on whether they are cheating, although personally I view this to be redundant as well.

To summarise, just remove the NH role since it does not serve any form of contribution to the game, and instead I will propose to have a verified logo instead, which means that they have helped in the community.

Done Suggested by: Urban Upvoted: 12 May Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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